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Osram Car Bulbs

Under the pressure of the competitors and the increasing security standards the big car brands face their part and component suppliers every year with growing quality and performance expectations...  -especially in the area of light.
If, under these premises, a manufacturer succeeds in having every season half of the car production worldwide equipped with his lamps, this says more about quality than a thousand words.
OSRAM is the No.1 worldwide for vehicle light applications and original part supplier for all important vehicle and headlight manufacturers.


Shining a light on OEM quality

OSRAM produces the lamps for the spare part market in the same quality, and according to the same specification and production standards of the vehicle manufacturers, as delivered for the assembly of the vehicle
(Original spare part according to Art.1. (t) Block Exemption Regulation, Directive EU 1400/2002).

Below you will find the Osram alternatives that we offer, but if you would like further guidance on the right bulb for your vehicle, you can click for more information at the Osram website.


Auto Express Award 2011 Osram Night Breaker Plus Car BulbsAuto Express - Best Headlamp Bulb 2011

And again, as a result of the mega test of Britain's best-selling weekly car magazine, NIGHT BREAKER PLUS has picked up the award for the "Best Headlamp Bulb".
The verdict of Auto Express is: "Osram rules in the performance categories, with its Silverstar winning in the up to 60 sector and new Night Breaker Plus proving the best of the 100 per cent bulbs".

NEW - OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER PLUS +110% - Longer lifetime


Now with new technology for longer lifetime

PLUS Point Coiled filament - More robust design for greater capacity.

PLUS Point Filling gas - Optimised inert gas formula for more efficient light generation.

PLUS Point Plated contacts - High quality anticorrosive for superior conductivity and high quality look

The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety.
Thanks to a newly-developed high output coil and the blue ring coating, the headlight lamps of the NIGHT BREAKER product family

  • shine up to 90% more light on the street*
  • have an up to 35 m longer beam*
  • put out up to 10% whiter light*

*compared with standard lamps

Of course the NIGHTBREAKER family of lamps can be easily exchanged for any corresponding halogen lamps and are 100% street legal across all of Europe.

The strong luminance and the light color are the crucial differences to standard lamps.


Comparative meassurements in Golf V headlights

COOL BLUE headlamps produce high-contrast light similar to natural daylight and are therefore easier on the eyes than the light from standard lamps. COOL BLUE H7 and H4 have an eye-catching design, perfect for style-conscious drivers. Behind the clear glass, the silver cap blends perfectly with the reflector. COOL BLUE lamps are easy to install and approved for unrestricted use throughout Europe. Rarely has a new trend had such a positive effect on traffic safety.

Osram Cool Blue Headlight Car Bulbs




  • modern, bright bluish white light (up to 4000 Kelvin, similar to Xenon lamps)
  • up to 20% brighter than standard lamps*
  • high-contrast illumination of the road
  • optimized design with a silver cap (H7/H4), ideal for clear-glass headlights

* subjective impression 









This is what Auto Express had to say about Osram Silverstars in the upto 60% category.

"Another success for Osram in the popular up to 60 per cent category.  Although the Silverstar bulbs promise only 50 per cent more light, it was enough to trump rivals in the tunnel, thanks to ultra-impressive consistency between our test samples.  Top performance on a budget."


OSRAM introduce COOL BLUE HYPER - a product designed for styling conscious drivers in an off road environment. This Xenon HID effect lamp delivers a blue tinted light on the road for a unique effect.

Thanks to their special technology SILVERSTAR lamps illuminate the road with an up to 50% brighter light in the crucial zone 50 to 75 m in front of the vehicle than a standard lamp. The fact that the cone of light is up to 20 meters longer offers even greater safety. Obstacles and other dangers can be seen sooner and better, as can road signs and markings.
This impressive improvement in performance is matched by stylish design.
SILVERSTAR H7 and H4 lamps are equipped with silver caps that blend in with the background of the reflector. Due to superior technology they maintain this effect throughout their lives. SILVERSTAR lamps are therefore ideal in modern clear-glass headlights. The perfect vehicle lamp for all drivers who value not only greater safety but also good looks.



OSRAM TRUCKSTAR                  Osram Truckstar Bulbs



The heavy-duty longlife lamp.  Twice as bright and last twice as long

For the first time, OSRAM's engineers have managed to achieve what was previously thought impossible in 24-volt technology: developing a high performance lamp achieving a fundamental increase in luminosity while simultaneously (!) extending life expectancy. This results in up to 100% more light on the road*, making it much easier for truck drivers to concentrate - a massive benefit in terms of road safety. Its uniform light and an up to 40 m longer beam* enable drivers to see dangers much sooner and give them valuable extra time to react. TRUCKSTAR lamps are also capable of withstanding strong vibrations. And TRUCKSTAR save time and money thanks to their more than 100% longer life*. That makes the TRUCKSTAR the undisputed star in the industry.




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