Demand For Winter Car Kits and Foldable Shovels Grows.

AA Winter Car Kit

AA Winter Car Kit

Even though this post is being written in August, have noticed a sharp increase in customer demand for winter related car products.

Following last year’s massive snowfall, which caught most of us out, it would appear that car users do not want to be caught out again this winter and are getting prepared. The surge in demand for AA Winter Car Kits last year meant that stocks ran low and some car drivers had to go without. This year it would appear they are getting themselves equipped early, just in case.

The most popular winter car items amongst customers are the Winter Car Kit and the Foldable Snow Shovel, both made by the AA. The Winter Car Kit includes the Foldable Snow Shovel, along with:

  • Emergency Foil Blanket
  • Dynamo Torch
  • Adult Size High Visibility Vest

    Portable Folding Snow Shovel

    AA Portable Folding Snow Shovel

The items fit neatly into a canvas type carrier bag that is slim enough to be kept under a car seat.

The AA Winter Car Kit and the Folding Snow Shovel are both available for a limited period at the reduced price of only £17.95 and £9.95 respectively (while stocks last).

For more details about winter products at you can visit our AA Winter Essentials page.

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