Press Release: Driving To Europe? Don’t Forget The Travel Kit!

Driving To Europe? Don’t Forget The Travel Kit.

With holiday season about to go into full swing and drivers from all over the U.K. set to head for Europe, the U.K.’s leading online supplier of car accessories,, are reminding car drivers of modifications they need to make to their cars as well as the safety items they are legally required to carry at all times.

Each European country has their own rules and regulations, however fortunately the most popular destinations, such as France and Spain, have similar legal requirements. The safety items needed can be easily purchased individually or, for convenience, as part of a European Travel Kit.

Safety equipment that must be carried in the car at all times includes a red warning triangle and a reflective jacket/waistcoat. A second triangle is recommended for Spain, and a second reflective jacket for France. The jacket/waistcoat needs to be carried in the car and not the boot so that in case of breakdown or emergency the driver can put it on before leaving the car.

Before leaving the U.K. there are two essential  modifications that need to be made to the exterior of the car. GB stickers /magnets should be displayed, however if travelling in the E.U. a vehicle is exempt if it has Europlates (12 stars around the GB letters on the number plate).  The other modification is headlamp adjustment. Because Continental driving is on the right hand side of the road U.K. cars dazzle oncoming traffic even when dipped. A simple adjustment can be made to the headlamps of some modern cars, however the most popular solution are beam converters which stick directly onto the headlights, diverting the beam and reducing  dazzle.

Also worth considering are spare bulb kits. They are compulsory in Spain and countries like France impose on the spot fines for broken car bulbs. In addition, two items that are recommended but not compulsory in all European countries are first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Samantha Marshall, managing director of, said: “Too many drivers head off on their European holiday not fully aware of what they are legally required to carry. Hopefully our check list will be a useful guide and prevent any U.K. drivers from getting caught out. Because regulations constantly change, if you want to be 100% sure you can check a country’s requirements with either the British Foreign Office at or the country’s U.K. embassy.”

In addition to the equipment and modification requirements, most countries require the driver to carry a full driving licence which should be the paper section and photocard. In addition drivers need their car insurance certificate and vehicle registration (original V5 document), and if not the driver’s own vehicle written permission from the registered owner.


Ends are the U.K.’s leading supplier of car accessories, specializing in car bulbs and car travel kits for driving in both the U.K. and Europe.

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