Travel Tips For Driving Your Car To France

Warning Triangle For The Car

A warning triangle must be carried in your car at all times when driving in France

If you are travelling to France this year make sure that you make all the legally required modifications to your vehicle and that you take with you all the necessary safety items for your car. If you are not sure what these are, have put together a list of legal requirements for driving in France.

Modifications To Your Car

Headlamp converters – also know as headlight deflectors – before reaching France you should have these stuckĀ  on your headlights.

GB sticker/magnet – this needs to be stuck onto the rear of your car, however this item is not needed if you already have GB Euroflag number plates in place.

Take The Correct Documentation

Make sure that you take the following with you:

  • Driving licence – both parts (N.B. you must be at least 18 to drive in France)
  • Original vehicle registration V5 document. (If the car is not your own it is important to carry written permission from the owner)
  • A copy of your insurance certificate.

Items To Carry In The Car At All Times

When driving in France, you are legally required to carry the following items in your car:

Warning Triangle

Reflective Waistcoat / Hi Vis Jacket – a second hi vis jacket is recommended if you are travelling with other people.

Spare Bulb Kit – though not compulsory to carry in France it is highly recommended to have a spare bulb kit in your car. The French police issue on the spot fines if you have any car lights not working. With a spare bulb kit you can quickly change a bulb during your holiday should any fail. In addition, should you not be aware of which headlights your car takes you can order an AA Universal Bulb Kit (H1, H4, H7).

GB stickers for France and Europe

GB magnet for the car

Recommended Items

Though not compulsory in France, it is always recommended to travel with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Conveniently it is possible to purchase the above items as travel kits. More information can be found on the page about European Travel Kits.

Should you wish to find out further information and advice about driving in France you should visit the Foreign Office website:

Please note that the information on these pages is intended as a guide and should be treated accordingly. While we endeavor to keep the above information as accurate as possible, consumabulbs cannot be held in any way responsible for the consequences resulting from any inaccuracies stated above.

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