Which Product Won Best Car Headlight Bulbs in 2011?

U.K. car magazine, Auto Express, carry out a number of tests on cars and car related products every year, and the winner of  the 2011 Auto Express Product Award for The Best Car Headlight Bulbs was…Osram Night Breaker Plus car bulbs.

Auto Express presented the award based on the brightest and longest life bulbs available on the market today. 25 car bulbs were ‘entered’, with the Osram Nightbreakers coming out on top. Auto Express explained why they won: “Revamped Night Breaker, with improved lifetime, narrowly took the win from arch-rival Philips. It claims 90 per cent more light, and was particularly impressive at the critical 75-metre mark. Excellent performance at a competitive price.”

Two other car headlight bulbs came away with commended awards: Osram Silverstar and Philips EcoVision. In summarising Osram Silverstar’s Commended Award, Auto Express said: “Another success for Osram in the popular up to 60 per cent category. Although the Silverstar bulbs promise only 50 per cent more light, it was enough to trump rivals in the tunnel, thanks to ultra-impressive consistency between our test samples. Top performance on a budget.”

Both Osram Nightbreaker Plus and Osram Silverstar car bulbs can be ordered from consumabulbs.com

For more information about Auto Express’s Award visit their  Headlamp Bulbs Product Award web page.

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